Natura Yoga Club


Dancing Under the Full Moon: A Circle of Intention As the radiant energy of the full moon beckons, we gather to create a circle of profound intention. In the soft cadence of gentle movements and the awakening of the elements within our bodies, we are led to the sanctuary of meditation.

The warm, flickering glow of candles embraces us, their soft radiance guiding our path. We bask in the healing harmonies of sound, while nature herself envelops us in the soothing embrace of the sea.

At the heart of our gathering, a mandala of stones and flowers stands as a vessel for the moon's luminous energy. Affirmation phrases, gifted by the very essence of this experience, infuse the night with their power.

If your heart resonates with this call, if you feel the pull of the moon's magic deep within, join us and become one with the fullness of nature under the moon's tender gaze.

Open your heart, embrace the magic, and dance with us under the full moon's gentle light.

Ceremonia de la Luna

$ 175
  • 60 minutes

Natura Yoga Club


Para quién es esta experiencia

Cualquier persona que esté abierto a mantener la mente y el corazón abiertos a cosas maravillosas, dispuesta a recordar la verdadera naturaleza del ser.

Todos los niveles son bienvenidos y las sesiones privadas y eventos están disponibles