Natura Yoga Club

Women's Medicine Circle

Join us on a sacred journey to heal the memories of pain and fear that may be trapped in our sacred space, the uterus. This powerful ceremony is designed to lovingly restore the natural balance of your uterus, rekindling your self-confidence, selfesteem, and inner wisdom.

Marcela Lobos beautifully describes this ritual as the 13th of the Munay-Ki, known as The Ritual of the Uterus. It is a profound gift to your being, to others, and a potent cleansing for the world at large. This ceremony transcends gender, as both women and men can find healing from traumas related to the uterus space, reclaiming its innate power. The energy of initiation, a blend of healing and blessings, awakens the dormant feminine power within.

The Uterus Rite is a gentle yet powerful means to harmonize your creative center.

Unite with kindred spirits and embark on a journey of profound healing, empowerment, and rebirth. Let your feminine energy shine brightly as we honor the sacred space within. Reserve your space now for a day of transformation and renewal. For inquiries and reservations, please contact us at +297 744 84 63.

A serene retreat in a nature-immersed house A day filled with transformative workshops and integrative activities Guided Yoga Sessions and Meditation for profound self-connection The soothing embrace of Sound Healing The sacred delivery of the Uterus Rite, a catalyst for profound healing An immersion in the purifying and rejuvenating waters

Circle of Women

  • min 8 people
  • Package available
  • Ask additional fee for the circle of women's medicine

Natura Yoga Club

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Who is this experience for?

Anyone who is open to keeping their mind and heart open to wonderful things, willing to remember the true nature of being.

All levels are welcome and private sessions and events are available.