Natura Yoga Club


Step into a sacred space of reconnection, where the world fades away, and you become wholly present in the moment. This is an experience that invites you to rediscover the wellspring of infinite possibilities, where magic is not a mere concept but a living reality, waiting for you to open the door to its wonders .

About the Experience: These experiences unfold in private settings, offering you the flexibility to start a regular weekly practice that's entirely personal. You can begin with a private yoga class that includes personalized hand assists and alignment guidance. Then, seamlessly transition into the soothing embrace of private sound healing meditation, embarking on a deeply personal journey within.

As you recline and find comfort during the session, you won't just hear the ethereal vibrations of the sound bowls; you will feel them resonating in every fiber of your being. This immersive experience is perfect for those seeking a tranquil night in the comfort of their vacation home, a soulful escape from the world's demands.

Embark on your personal journey of reconnection through the transformative power of sound and meditation. Your path to inner harmony and boundless magic begins here. Reserve Your Space Now:+297- 744-84 63

Location: California Dunes, En Noord, Aruba Parking: Convenient parking available Class Size: Limited to 20 participants to


$ 155
  • 60 minutes
  • Custom location
  • Private session

Natura Yoga Club

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Who is this experience for?

Anyone who is open to keeping their mind and heart open to wonderful things, willing to remember the true nature of being.

All levels are welcome and private sessions and events are available.