Natura Yoga Club


This is a space of reconnection; it is that moment where you take personal care of yourself while allowing yourself to be fully in the present moment. This is an experience that let you reconnect back to the source of infinite possibilities, where magic arises and happens if you are prepared to open the doors to it.

These experiences take place in private settings. Whenever you wish, you can start a regular weekly practice with a private yoga class that includes hand assists and alignment searches, while private sound healing will connect you to meditation, allowing you to go on a personal journey. Lying down to find comfort during the session, not only listening but above all feeling the vibration of the sound bowls. It is a great idea for a restful night in the comfort of your vacation home.

Product Name

$ 155
  • 45 minutes
  • Custom location
  • Private session

Natura Yoga Club

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Who is this experience for?

Anyone who is open to keeping their mind and heart open to wonderful things, willing to remember the true nature of being.

All levels are welcome and private sessions and events are available.